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Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse

Who is a Mandated Reporter?

Mandated reporters are held to a higher standard of responsibility and there can be serious consequences when they don't report suspected abuse. The following adults are considered mandated reporters and are required by law to report suspected child abuse:

✓ Anyone licensed or certified to practice in a health-related field under the jurisdiction of theDepartment of State
✓A medical examiner, coroner, or funeral director
✓Employees of health care facilities or providers licensed by theDepartment of Healthwho are engaged in the admission, examination, care, or treatment of individuals
✓School employees
✓Employees of a child care service who have direct contact with children in the course of employment
✓Clergymen, priests, rabbis, ministers, Christian science practitioners, religious healer, or spiritual leaders of any regularly established churches or other religious organizations
✓Individuals (paid or unpaid) who — on the basis of their role as an integral part of a regularly scheduled program, activity, or service — accepts responsibility for a child
✓Employees of social service agencies who have direct contact with children in the course of employment
✓Peace officers or law enforcement officials defined as: attorney general, district attorney,Pennsylvania State Police, and municipal police officer
✓Emergency medical service providers certified by theDepartment of Health
✓Employees of a public libraries who have direct contact with children in the course of employment
✓Individuals supervised or managed by a person listed above who have direct contact with children in the course of their employment
✓Independent contractors who have direct contact with children
✓Attorneys affiliated with an agency, institution, organization, or other entity that is responsible for the care, supervision, guidance, or control of children
✓ Foster parents
✓ An adult family member who is a person responsible for the child's welfare and provides services to a child in a family living home, community home for individuals with an intellectual disability, or host home for children which are subject to supervision or licensure by the department under Articles IX and X of the act of June 13,1967, known as the Public Welfare Code.

All coaches and assistant coaches are considered mandated reporters. 

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Volunteer Forms

Background Screening Forms


Due to changes in the PA volunteering laws, the process for clearances has changed. For more information on the clearance process, please read the PA Volunteer Clearance Requirements form.

There are 3 clearances that must be completed; PA Welfare Form, PA State Police and either Fingerprints OR Volunteer Affirmation (if you have been a resident of PA for more than 10 years).

Please note, the Child Abuse Clearance (PA Welfare Form) can take 2-3 weeks to be processed. Please allow enough time before practices start to have this form completed and to receive your Clearance. You must provide a copy of your clearances to Solebury Soccer Club/Solebury Parks and Recreation and must be cleared prior to stepping onto the fields with their players. There are fees for these updated clearances to be paid for by the volunteer. All clearances of valid for 5 years.